When it comes to working out and eating healthy there a few things we must take into account that no one really ever talks about, and that is body type. Body type can be defined as the human body composition which is influenced by metabolism, muscle mass, fat mass and bone structure. Did you know there are 3 different body types, and with each body type there are specific needs that are required in order to ensure optimal health. Since the body is an illusion it can be manipulated to look however one pleases. Exercise and a balanced diet can help to modify the physical appearance, somatotype, but it will not change genetics. Therefore if you stop eating healthy and engaging in physical activity you may return back to your original body type.

The 3 body types


In order to build the muscle that they lack, it is recommended to increase calorie intake (approximately by 300–500) and introduce a high protein diet. This can be done by eating around 6 times a day approximately every 3 hours.

The best exercises for an ectomorph would be compound exercises and minimal cardio, stay away from isolated movements since they do not provide enough stimulus for muscle growth. Compound exercises include: squats, shoulder presses, deadlifts, pull ups, push ups & bench presses. These exercises not only keep multiple muscle groups engaged at once, but also produce the necessary hormones for muscle growth.


In order for this body type to lean out and prevent fat buildup they should engage in cardio sessions at least 3–5 times per week for 30–45 mins. Alongside steady state cardio exercises like running, swimming, cycling they can also try HIIT training sessions such as jump-roping, burpees, jump squats, high knees & mountain climbers.


In order to aid in the reduction of fat, an endomorph should engage in longer amounts of cardio (4–5 times per week), and higher repetition weight lifting. This will in return create lean muscle mass.

No matter what body type you possess with proper nutrition and exercise you can modify it to look exactly how you want, and in return can always become a better of yourself. If you enjoyed this article and would like more advice on topics like these, please follow us here on Medium & remember to Forever Love Yourself!



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